T2S - Target 2 Securities Consolidation


T2S - Target 2 Securities Consolidation

T2S is a Euro system service for settling transactions in securities through a centralized Settlement agency.

The T2S platform settles and exchanges financial instruments and their monetary countervalue between both central and commercial banks so that payments in Euro can be carried out in real time.  

T2S - Target 2 Securities Consolidation CADIT

The main objective of T2S is to break down the technical barriers involved in transferring securities within the Eurozone in order to favour competition and reduce costs.   

T2S also leads to:

  • integrating and harmonizing the current, highly-fragmented European settlement infrastructure;
  • shortening post-trading activities;
  • limiting settlement costs in the Eurozone;
  • pooling guarantees and liquidity;
  • reducing settlement risk;
  • increasing financial stability by using the central bank’s money for transactions on the platform.

Other currencies can be used for settlements on T2S if the central bank concerned is connected to the platform and intends to issue its own currency.

With 40 years’ consolidated experience in the sector, CAD IT has always been considered as a company of reference in the development of the most efficient solutions aimed at meeting regulatory requirements that are ever more frequently impacting the operability of its Italian and European customers.