HUB Orders


HUB Orders

The web application developed by CAD IT manages orders deriving from consultancy by promptly managing complex transactions on various legacies such as Finance, Funds and Sicavs, Asset Management and insurance products through targeted usability and cost reduction studies.

The platform allows:

  • consultation of every single order in a single user function and within the same transaction;
  • document display and printing for the customer with digital graphic signature;
  • transaction management at the branch and complete management of external promoter offers;
  • a reactive interface for all browsers, usable on all devices (smartphones, android tablets and ipads);
  • transaction automation such as fund switching and portfolio management.

Main features

  • Increase in the quality of the consulting service offered to customers.
  • Asset improvement.
  • Customer portfolio mixing.
  • Reduction of user operating times in favour of commercial time.
  • Form and signature streamlining.