TOL - Trading on Line




TOL - Trading on Line

TOL is an application platform for managing “Trading on Line” and is available in both Web and Mobile versions.

Inspired by paradigms (SOA, RIA), it has a new intuitive interface and is in line with current web surfing and data display criteria, adapting surfing to the customer’s usual habits.

Moreover, the “widget” interface provides the final customer with considerable personalisation opportunities, displays a vast number of data and, at the same time, the AJAX technology used only updates data that has been modified.

The TOL solution has been developed so that the final customer will not need to download any software, making surfing from high security environments also possible.

Main Features:

  • 24/7 operability - Since TOL can provide information and trading both on Italian and foreign, EURO and NON EURO markets, operability is guaranteed on any market for which the bank may decide to display information data in accordance with the customers’ particular profiling.
  • Multi-provider - The displayed market information may be supplied by one or more providers, within or external to the bank, at the same time. Our solution is currently already integrated at several customers with leading Italian info providers.
  • Multi-language - The procedure’s total personalisation means that the data can be displayed in any language that the final customer requires. The various dictionaries can be uploaded through simple configuration files.
  • Multi-currency - Trading in other settlement currencies than the EURO is guaranteed by integration with the Finance Area back-office.
  • Integrated and flexible Content Management System (CMS).
  • Cross browser.

Depending on customer profiling levels, the widget interface of which TOL is composed, allows the following:

  • push/pull data display in real or delayed time on both Italian and foreign markets;
  • work areas (scenarios) that the customer can personalise. By acting on the product catalogue and taking advantage of widget drag and drop features, the customer can construct his/her own personal and ideal work scenarios;
  • different book opening in pop up at 1 or 5 levels on different financial instruments integrated with instruction functions or conditioned order settings;
  • supply, both in streaming and through links to external websites, of multimedia content  provided by several bank Infoproviders.