Area Finanza


Area Finanza

Over the last twenty years Finance has been affected by considerable changes due to a variety of factors, e.g.:

  • growing diversification of financial instruments which has gradually made their administration more complex;
  • markets and settlement evolution which aims at greater efficiency and standardization;
  • rearrangement of legal and institutional regulation, which aim at safeguarding customers and rationalizing processes in increasingly turbulent and uncertain competitive contexts;
  • intense technological innovation together with progressive market integration;
  • fiscal context where each country follows its own policies.

The overall effect has been a notable change in the characteristics of Finance and the operative ways of the financial institutions, emphasizing the need to:

  • coordinate different processes and data flows;
  • consider the logics which guide the investment and financial strategies as a whole and to give finance function a directorship role in the decisions.

The competition and the urgency have led many european financial institutions to combine, in an often not well structured pattern, mixed solutions made up of purchased and inhouse softwares, sacrifying quality and efficiency to have quantitative results and inappropriate performances.

Area Finanza: the CAD IT's solution

With over 200,000 users from high standing financial institutions, CAD IT's Area Finanza is the securities trading and post-trading process management system most widely used in Europe.

Supported by considerable investment in Research and Development and a team of 600 highly qualified experts, Area Finanza ensures regulation compliance, adaptability to market evolution and technological innovation.

The following news and hot topics have been recently handled: EMIR, MiFID, T2S, Tobin Tax, FATCA, GDPR, SFTR, LSerFi, CSDR, PSD2 and T2S Consolidation.

Salient features

Area Finanza offers total automation of all processes relating to derivatives and securities in the following macro areas: Position Keeping, Custody and Administration, Corporate Actions, Order Management, Trading Rooms, Master Data Management, Settlement, Reconciliations, REPOs (Buy/Sell Back, Repo, Triparty Repo, Stock and Bond Lending, Collateral Management), Know Your Customer, Financial Advice , Asset Management and Reporting.

Area Finanza enables the management of high volumes in real time, supporting multi-language, multi-currency, multi-channel and multi-institute configurations for banking groups, custodians, outsourcers, insurance companies, brokers, funds and trust companies.

Area Finanza has been conceived on the basis of an architecture platform independent, service-oriented, with granular standard-components organically connected, to adapt flexibly to the specific needs of each customer.