SOS System

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SOS System

Banca d’Italia has reviewed the entire collection and management system for suspicious transaction alerting. This new system aims at improving the quality of the alerts by ensuring greater uniformity and completeness as well as shortening the analysis and investigation procedures. An important new factor in the way that information flows with alerting parties are exchanged is the introduction of the standard XBRL format and the use of the Banca d'Italia portal.

The SOS system is natively integrated within CAD IT's "Anti money laundering" module but can also be independently interfaced with the bank's internal systems.

CAD IT's  SOS system aims at making it easier to collect and integrate the data required for executing an alert by providing access to external files such as General Data, the Single Computerised File and the "unexpected" lists in the "Gianos" procedure.

An alert follows a route that generally starts from the branch in which the minimal data is collected, then goes to the central offices responsible for inserting other additional elements and ends with the production of files in the XBRL format, ready to be sent to the UIF.

The SOS software is able to memorise each individual stage, thus ensuring that the entire operation is archived.